The Americanist
Warsaw Journal for the Study of the United States

Volume XXIII

Edited by William R. Glass and Agnieszka Graff
The American Studies Center, Warsaw University, 2006
Table of contents
Agnieszka Graff and William R. Glass Editors' Introduction 7
The Politics of American Studies
Does Doing American Studies Still Make Sense?
An Interview with Heinz Ickstadt by Agnieszka Graff
Making Sense of American Studies
An Interview with John Leo by William R. Glass
Marek Wilczyński The Politics of American Studies: Observations of a Middle-aged, Eastern European 49
Marek Wilczyński The Politics of American Studies: Observations of a Middle-aged, Eastern European 49
American Studies at the Crossroads: A Dialogue
Djelal Kadir Toward Decentralized American Studies 53
Paweł Jędrzejko Transformations of American Studies in the Polish Context 57
Robert T. Tally, Jr. "Believing in America": The Politics of American Studies in a Post-National Era 69
Dana Heller "That explains a lot": or, the Contradictory Political Locations of International American Studies" 83
Helena Maragou "American Studies in the Context of European Anti-Americanism: The Example of Greece" 93
Anna Pochmara "White Man's Burden: The Politics of Hegemonic Masculinity in American Culture" 103
Justyna Wierzchowska "The Exclusive Universalism of the Discourse on the New York School during the Cold War" 117
Daniel McKay "I still loved him, notwithstanding his treatment of me" Stockholm Syndrome: The Conscious and Unconscious Re-Presentations in Equiano's Interesting Narrative 129
Jolanta A. Daszyńska American Federalism: The Ideas, Hopes, and Reality in the Time of the Alien and Sedition Acts 141
Tomasz Płudowski American Print Media Reactions to the March 11 Train Attack 153
Piękniejszy dom od Prozy. O amerykańskiej poezji kobiecej. [A Fairer House than Prose. American Women's Poetry]. Eds. Lucyna Aleksandrowicz Pędich, Jerzy Kamionowski.
(reviewed by Zuzanna Ładyga)
Krzysztof Andrzejczak, Długa czarna pieśń: Zarys literatury afroamerykańskiej [A Long Black Song: An Outline of African American Literature].
(reviewed by Grzegorz Kość)
Joanna Szymkowska-Bartyzel, Amerykański mit polski konsument czyli reklamowe oblicza Ameryki. [The American Myth and the Polish Consumer: Faces of America in Commercials].
(reviewed by Ewa Grzeszczyk)
Klasycy. [The Classical Masters]. Eds. Łukasz A. Plesnar, Rafał Syska.
(reviewed by Anna Misiak)
Contributors 193
Call for Papers 196
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