The Americanist
Warsaw Journal for the Study of the United States

Volume XV

Edited by Piotr Skurowski
Warsaw University Press, 1998
Table of contents
Winfried Fluck Close Encounters of the Third Kind: American Popular Culture and European Intellectuals   7
Irmina Wawrzyczek Studying Early America amid the Extended Epistemological Crisis in American Historiography  23
Krzysztof Michałek Who Is In Charge Here? Ambitious Generals vs US Presidents During Wartime The McClellan-Lincoln and MacArthur-Truman Cases  31
Cecil Kirk Hutson Whiskey Soaked and Hell Bound: Lynyrd Skynyrd and Southern Culture  51
Steven Carter “Paper or Plastic?” “You Decide”: Consumerism and the Quaint Illusion of Choice  73
Joanna Jastrzębska The Culture of Excuses: Cultural Aspects of the Notion of Victim in Poland and the USA  81
Bohdan Szklarski America as a Society of Nations  87
Franciszek Lyra The Fulbright Program: A Polish Perspective  97
Anna Duszak ‘And now get to the point!’ Cross-cultural studies and communication styles 109
Izabela Rusinowa Father De Smet and the Indians 121
Peggy Zeglin Brand Feminism and Aesthetics in Contemporary American Art 133
Books Reviews
Wiesław Dobrzycki Andrzej Bartnicki, Donald T. Critchlow, eds. Historia Stanów Zjednoczonych Ameryki 149
Zbigniew Kwiecień Bogusław Winid, Santiago 1898 153
Jerzy Wilkin Wojciech Bienkowski, Reaganomika i jej wpływ na konkurencyjność gospodarki amerykańskiej 156
Agnieszka Graff Aleksandra Ziółkowska Korzenie są polskie 159
Agata Preis-Smith Jacek Wiśniewski, The Great Crusade American Literature of the First World War 162
Bogusław Mrozek Krzysztof Michałek, Mocarstwo Historia Stanów Zjednoczonych Ameryki 1945–1992 165
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