The Americanist
Warsaw Journal for the Study of the United States

Volume XIX

Edited by Franciszek Lyra
Warsaw University Press, 2001
Table of contents
Victor Greene Does America Still Welcome Immigrants? The Multi-culturalism Debate 5
Andrzej Filipiak American Neoconservatism 17
Steven Carter “The Beauty of Her Vault...”: Ethics vs. Esthetics in America’s Sports Subculture 35
Cecil Kirk Hutson Living on the Edge: Outlaws Past and Present in Southern Music 43
Agnieszka Graff “Time and Space confused”—Faulkner’s apocalypse in language 61
Marek Paryż Authorial/Narratorial Voice, Narrativity, and the Intricacies of Representation in Dorothea Dix’s Memorial to the Legislature of Massachusetts 1843 69
Agnieszka Wróblewska Aspects of Female Identity in Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior 81
Book Reviews
Julia Fiedorczuk Esther Ginger, Agnieszka Salska, eds. Freedom and Form: Essays in Contemporary American Poetry 89
Lucyna Aleksandrowicz-Pędich Zygmunt Mazur, ed. The College Anthology of American Literature 93
Irmina Wawrzyczek Halina Parafianowicz Eleanor Anna Roosevelt (1884–1962). W cieniu wielkiego męża 95
List of M.A. Theses
MA Theses on American Literature and Culture Submitted at the American Studies Center, Warsaw University, 1999 99
MA Theses on American Literature and Culture Submitted at the Institute of English Studies, Warsaw University, 1998–1999 103
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