The Americanist
Warsaw Journal for the Study of the United States

Volume VII

Edited by Michał Rozbicki
Guest editor Piotr Skurowski
Warsaw University Press, Warszawa 1987
Table of contents
Ewa Nowicka The Ethical Content in American Indians' Religious Movements 5
Kathe Davis Finney Postmodernism in Contemporary American Poetry 25
Marek Gołębiowski 'Of Thee I Sing, Bay' or: The Politics in American Musical of the 1930's 37
Monika Agopsowicz Rights of Man and Rights of Citizen in the Process of Drafting Two Declarations of Tights by the First Continental Congress and the Virginia Convention, 1774-1776 65
Igor Kąkolewski Compromise in the Political Thought of John C. Cohoun 81
Halina Parafianowicz German Revisionism in the U.S. in the Early 1930's and Polish Attempts to Overcome it 101
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