The Americanist
Warsaw Journal for the Study of the United States

Volume IV

Edited by Michał Rozbicki
Warsaw University Press, Warszawa 1987
Table of contents
Richard Martin Down in Jungleland: (Post) Modern American Fiction in Context 7
Eva Manske Individual and Society in Contemporary American Fiction 17
Zbigniew Lewicki The Apocalyptic World of Robert Coover 25
Janusz Semrau Robert Coover's Allegory Self-Consciousness: Imagination vs. "Reality" 33
Elżbieta Foeller Barth's Mythotherapy, or How to Cope with Life in Society 41
Hans Bertens The Artist's Balance: Philip Roth, Then and Now 47
Elżbieta Oleksy Walker Percy's Existential Hero: European Roots, American Identity 55
Ria Vanderauwera New Nonfiction: The Dynamics of a Mode in Contemporary American Literature 61
Andrzej Ceynowa HooDoo Ishmael Reed's Style 69
Michael Spindler The Rich are Different: Scott Fitzgerald and the Leisure Class 75
Tomasz Warchoł The Mystery of Jay Gatsby 85
James I. McClintock Three Literary Ecologists 75
Andrzej Weseliński The American Novel and the Film Between the Two Wars 99
Marek Gołębiowski The Musical and American Dream 107
Eugenia DeLamotte The Power of Pretense: Some Images of Women as Actresses and Masqueraders in Nineteenthcentury American Fiction 115
Teresa Kieniewicz Should American girl be Chaperoned? American Etiquette in the 1870s and 1880 s: Social Context and Implications 125
Piotr Skurowski Woodrow Wilson at Princeton: The Politics of "Intellectual Contagion" and Utility 135
Milton Reigelman A figure in the Carpet: Faulkner's 'The Wild Palms' 143
Lisa Paddock "Sublimating the actual into apocryphal": The Case for Fulkaner's 'Collected stories' 151
Helen Hagenbüchle Antennae of the Race: Conrad Aiken's Poetry and the Evolution of Consciousness 159
Appendix I Topics of other papers presented during the Jadwisin Symposium 168
Appendix I Topics of papers presented at I American Literature Symposium in Jabłonna 107
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