The Americanist
Warsaw Journal for the Study of the United States

Volume III

Edited by Andrzej Bartnicki
Assistant editor Izabella Rusinowa
Warsaw University Press, Warszawa 1981
Table of contents
Paul J. Nagy Cultural origins of American Pragmatism 5
Jadwiga Stachura Big business and policy planning institutions in The United States of America 15
Lubormir Zyblikiewicz Policy of the United States Towards Poland in 1946. Search for a conception 25
Daniel Grinberg Voluntary associations in American sociological thought. A review of the problem 69
Piotr Skurowski Liberal culture and the emerging American university 91
Elżbieta Grużewska The American detective story - popular reading 111
Romuald Kudliński The market mechanism of world economy regulations. A few comments on The world economy, history and prospect by W.W. Rostow 123
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