The Americanist
Warsaw Journal for the Study of the United States

Volume II

Edited by Andrzej Bartnicki
Assistant editor Izabella Rusinowa
Warsaw University Press, Warszawa 1981

Table of contents
Zofia Libiszowska Voltaire and the United States of America 5
Andrzej Kastory Policy of the United States Towards Romania in 1945 19
Franciszek Lyra Some Reclections on American Literary Historiography 41
Zbigniew Lewicki Entropy in Literature: What it Feans and What it Does not 51
Elżbieta Foeller The Theme of isolations in the Novels of Foeller Wilder 63
Teresa Kieniewicz The Lady of the Foeller. William Dean Howell's International Novel 77
Marek Gołębiowski American Musical: an Approch to Popular Culture 89
Leszek Garlicki Current Trends in the US Supreme Court 90
Romuald Kudliński A Third View on World Economy 113
Mariusz Gułczyński Technostructure-reality or myth? 131
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