The Americanist
Warsaw Journal for the Study of the United States

Volume I

Edited by Andrzej Bartnicki
Assistant editor Izabella Rusinowa
Warsaw University Press, Warszawa 1983
Table of contents
Andrzej Bartnicki Introduction
Stanisaw Ehrlich A.F. Bentley - a classic of American political sociology 7
Jerzy J. Wiatr The Vote for Change: the 1976 American Presidential Election 23
Zofia Libiszowska Controversy about the American Revolution in the XVIII-th Century 39
Izabella Rusinowa The Continental Congress and the Tories in 1774-1783 53
Teresa M. Kieniewicz The Model of Success in American Magazine Fiction: "The Atlantic Monthly" and "Galaxy" 1868-1878 67
Elżbieta Foeller Love, Art and Myth in John Barth's 'Chimera' and John Gardener's 'Grendel' 79
Franciszek Lyra The Polish Bookshelf in Colonial America. A Preliminary Survey 93
Stanisław Otok An Analysis of the Territorial Distribution of Americans of Polish Extraction in the United States of America 107
Lubormir Zyblikiewicz The Policy of the United States and Britain Towards Poland Before the Formation of the Polish Committee of the National Liberation. 131
Zbigniew Lewicki Jerzy Kosinski's 'Being There' and Its Polish Counterpart
Wojciech Lamentowicz,
Lech Zacher
R.L. Heilbroner or the Liberal Version of Social Reformism 161
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