The Americanist
Warsaw Journal for the Study of the United States

Volume XXVII

Edited by William R. Glass
The American Studies Center, University of Warsaw, 2012
Table of contents
William R. Glass Editor’s Introduction 7 pdf
Regionalism and American Studies
Amy Schmidt “Gone Southern Again”: The Intersections of Identities and Ideologies in Zelda Fitzgerald’s Save Me the Waltz 15 pdf
Ahmet Beşe Southern Spiritual Memory Evoked by Conjure Characters in August Wilson’s Dramas 31 pdf
Kim Whitehead Lived Religion in the South: Emerging Narratives 45 pdf
Ewa Szreniawska The Dynamics Surrounding the Myth of the American West and the Image of the Cowboy Based on Selected Literary Texts 63 pdf
Sara Patterson This Is the Place: A Metaphorical Model of Religion in the American West 75 pdf
Amber LaPiana “The Place is their Reason for Writing”: Women, the West, and Beyond 89 pdf
Thomas Halper Does Region Really Matter? A Constitutional Perspective 103 pdf
Steven L. Gardiner Bridegrooms of Nation: Veterans, Ritual, Race, and the American Memorial Day 117 pdf
Betty Houchin Winfield, You Li, Janis Teruggi Page “Our Flag Was Still There”: The American Flag News Images following 9-11 131 pdf
Jerzy Szyłak. Editor. New Adventure Cinema.
(reviewed by Magdalena Bartczak)
151 pdf

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