The Americanist
Warsaw Journal for the Study of the United States

Volume XXVI

Edited by William R. Glass and Agnieszka Graff
The American Studies Center, Warsaw University, 2011
Table of contents
William R. Glass and Agnieszka Graff Editors' Introduction 7 pdf
Gender and Sexuality: American Texts, Contexts, and Controversies
Race, Sexuality, and African American Women Representing the Nation
an Interview with Elsa Barkley-Brown by Agnieszka Graff and William R. Glass
17 pdf
Rosemary Weatherston For Whom the Belle Toils: Americana’s Chaste Love Affair with the Drag Queen 39 pdf
Jennifer Skinnon Redemptive Motherhood and a Discourse of Fear in Contemporary Apocalyptic Film 57 pdf
Monika Żychlińska “The Black Gash of Shame”: The Struggle between the Representations of Masculinity and Femininity in the Process of the Vietnam War Commemoration 73 pdf
Barbara Antoniazzi White Slavery and the Color Line: Redefining Sexuality in People v. Belle Moore 87 pdf
Phoebe C. Godfrey The Device that Dared Not Legally Speak Its Name: The State, Sexuality, and Dildos in Texas, 1973-2008 101 pdf
Gerald David Naughton Inapproximable Domestic Ideals: Frederick Douglass’s “The Heroic Slave” as Invocatory Narrative 119 pdf
Aneta Dybska From the Prison-House of Soledad: The Forging of Black Nationalism and Masculinity in Solitary Confinement 133 pdf
Krystian Grądz Elegy: Directionality and Gender/Sexuality Marking within the Genre 149
Urszula Niewiadomska-Flis Negotiating Gender with a Spatula: Foodways and Gender in Fried Green Tomatoes 165
Aleksandra Szaniawska “I Had Memory. I Had Anger. I Had Despair”: Searching for the “Mother Tongue” in Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy 175
Dominika Ferens. Ways of Knowing Small Places: Intersections of American Literature and Ethnography since the 1960s.
(reviewed by Tomasz Basiuk)
Justyna Włodarczyk. Ungrateful Daughters: Third Wave Feminist Writings.
(reviewed by Elżbieta Korolczuk)
Dominika Oramus.O pomieszaniu gatunków. Science fiction a postmodernizm [On the Mixing of Genres: Science Fiction and Postmodernism].
(reviewed by Paweł Frelik)
Contributors 211
Call for Papers 213
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