The Americanist
Warsaw Journal for the Study of the United States

Volume XXIV

Edited by William R. Glass and Agnieszka Graff
The American Studies Center, Warsaw University, 2008
Table of contents
William R. Glass and Agnieszka Graff Editors' Introduction 7 pdf
American Popular Culture as Import and Export
It is Happening for a Reason. An Interview with Pamela Church Gibson by Agnieszka Graff 15 pdf
Crossing Borders. An Interview with Carlos Morton by William R. Glass 33 pdf
Jeffery Griffin Coupling Crosses the Atlantic: A Case Study in the Format Adaptation of a Fictional Series 47 pdf
Obododimma Oha Glocalizing Americanness: Language and American Identity in Nigerian Video Films 69 pdf
Hong-Chi Shiau Migration and Identity Negotiation: Exploring East Asian Gay Men's Fantasy upon James Dean 85 pdf
James R. Keller The Lord of Misrule: Eminem and the Rabelaisian Carnival 101 pdf
Wojciech Lewandowski The Dark Side of Walden 117 pdf
Robert Cardullo The Avant-Garde and the Un-American: Experimental Theater and Drama from Europe to the United States 133 pdf
Sylwia Kuźma Popularizing haute couture: Acceptance and Resistance to the New Look in the post-1945 United States 143 pdf
Michaela Keck. Walking in the Wilderness: The Peripatetic Tradition in Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Painting.
(reviewed by Joanna Durczak)
161 pdf
Petr Kopecký, The California Crucible: Literary Harbingers of Deep Ecology
(reviewed by Tomasz Sikora)
166 pdf
Tomasz Płudowski, ed., Politics, Media and Elections. Contemporary International Perspectives on U.S. Presidency, Foreign Policy and Political Communication
(reviewed by Małgorzata Gajda-Łaszewska)
171 pdf
Daniel Aaron, The Americanist.
(reviewed by Franciszek Lyra)
177 pdf
Andrzej Lubowski, Kontuzjowane mocarstwo. Siła i słabość Ameryki.
(reviewed by Bohdan Szklarski)
184 pdf
Marcin Giżycki, Wenders do domu! Europejskie filmy o Ameryce i ich recepcja w Stanach Zjednoczonych
(reviewed by Urszula Jarecka)
187 pdf
Contributors 191 pdf
Call for Papers 193 pdf
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