Graduates of the two-year tuition-free American Studies MA program at the ASC are equipped with specialized knowledge to understand the various cultural and social phenomena of the Western Hemisphere, those of the United States of North America and selected countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. They also have systematized and specialized knowledge of the terminology, theory, and methodology of interdisciplinary American Studies concerned with both Americas, North and South.

Thanks to the interdisciplinary curriculum, the graduates of the American Studies Center can not only recognize and understand the facts and processes of American traditions and societies but also collect, combine, interpret them and on their basis offer their judgments and opinions. They can explain, critically and creatively, the phenomena and processes observable in both Americas. They know how to acquire knowledge on their own and develop their research skills. The MA graduates can communicate with specialists in American studies and related fields using various communication channels and techniques. They know how promote knowledge about the US, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the entire Western Hemisphere. They can communicate in written and spoken English in the field of American studies at the B2+ level. They can write end-of-semester research papers and an MA thesis in expert English, using specialized terminology, and relying on interdisciplinary research methods. Our graduates have a good command of basic Spanish, at least at the A2.1 level, and in the course of studies they can choose to specialize in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

MA graduates have skills and competences allowing them to launch their careers in an array of professions-in business, foreign trade, journalism, media, culture, education, administration, foreign service and international organizations, as well as tourism. Besides, our alumni are ready to constantly develop and update their skills and they are encouraged during their studies to continue further their professional and academic development. They have skills and methodological competence to continue their studies at the doctoral and postgraduate levels.

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