OPEN ACADEMIC SESSIONS (OZN) - What is it and how to get credit ?

Each ASC student receives an OZN card. The purpose of this requirement is to encourage students’ intellectual development through participation in a variety activities. To fulfil the OZN requirement (min. 60 for BA studies; min 30 hours for MA studies) a student may participate in guest lectures and seminars held at the ASC. We also honor participation in outside events recommended by ASC faculty.

Other sources of OZN points: conferences (presenting a paper at a conference fulfills the entire OZN requirement); activity in ASC Student Seminars (Koło Naukowe); help with conference organization, editing ASC publications or help in research by ASC faculty. In special cases we honor additional elective courses or OGUNs in place of OZNs (ECTS count must be equivalent), but the Director of Studies must approve such an option.

OZN announcements are placed on OZN OSA Facebook profile.
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Please get your OZN card signed by a facult member present at a given event. If this is not possible, get it signed in the ASC office no longer than 14 days after the event (present proof you were there).

[ download OZN card ]

The OZN grade depends on the number of hours:

60-63dostateczny (3)
64-69dostateczny plus (3+)
70-73dobry (4)
74-79 dobry plus (4+)
80bardzo dobry (5)
Hours grade
30-33dostateczny (3)
34-39dostateczny plus (3+)
40-43dobry (4)
44-49dobry plus (4+)
50bardzo dobry (5)

NOTE: OZN points are not attached to any single semester - you may collect them and receive credit throughout your studies.

OZN dla studentów studiów licencjackich specjalności Ameryka Łacińska i Karaiby, którzy rozpoczęli studia w roku akademickim 2016/17 (obecny 2 rok)

Liczba godzinOcena
30 - 34dostateczny (3)
35 - 39dostateczny plus (3+)
40 - 44dobry (4)
45 - 49dobry plus (4+)
50bardzo dobry (5)

OZN for BA students entering the ASC in 2017-2018

40 - 44dostateczny (3)
45 - 49dostateczny plus (3+)
50 - 54dobry (4)
55 - 59dobry plus (4+)
60bardzo dobry (5)

Welcome to OZN announcements

NOTE: This board features only events taking place taking place OUTSIDE the ASC, but recommended for your OZN credits. American Studies Colloquium Series and other visiting lectures taking place at the ASC are announced under EVENTS (for these events OZNs are granted automatically).

UWAGA - OZN zalicza udział w dowolnych wykładach i sesjach naukowych organizowanych w Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej oraz Instytucie Teatralnym (po 2 ozn)

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