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The Past in the Present: The American Uses of History

2008 Annual Conference of Polish Association for American Studies
American Studies Center, University of Warsaw
22-24 October

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The topic of the conference is representation of the past in the United States and the British colonies, both of American history and the histories of other countries, regions, and ethnic or other groups, written, staged or filmed in the USA. The papers presented may focus on different discourses - historiography, literature, art, theater, and film - as well as, possibly, their interactions. The suggested areas of interest include:

  • colonial and US historiography; its theory and history
  • ideological issues related to representations of the past
  • American exceptionalism and millenarism in historiography
  • representations of history in American literature of different periods
  • American histories of the other from William Prescott to the present times
  • US representations of the Holocaust
  • race and gender in historical representation
  • history in the cinema from "The Birth of Nation" to "There Will be Blood"
  • history, memory, and forgetting in American culture
  • historical returns of the repressed
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