The American Studies Colloquium Series presents new research in American Studies. It brings together both junior and senior scholars from different national contexts, and addresses topics ranging from cultural readings of poetry through environmental history to security studies.

The Colloquium Series is geared primarily toward American Studies scholars and students, but all talks are open to the interested public.

The Colloquium Series talks occur on selected Thursdays at 4 pm in room 317 at the American Studies Center unless noted otherwise.

Concept and organization: Agnieszka Kotwasińska and Tomasz Basiuk


Spring Term 2018

March 8
Andrew Kier Wise (Daemen College)
"American Marxists: Boris and Anna Reinstein and the Socialist Movement in Buffalo, NY (1891-1917)"

April 12
Maisha Wester (Indiana University/University of Sheffield)
"Voodoo Queens and Zombie Lords: Haiti in U.S. Horror Film"

May 10
Kenneth Roberts (Cornell University/Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
"Latin America, Varieties of Capitalism, and the Comparative Study of Populism"

May 17
Robert Morace (Daemen College)
"Cheever, Updike, and the Making of the American ‘Suburban’ Soul"

May 28
Ann Cvetkovich (University of Texas at Austin)
"After Depression: Feeling Bad Now"

June 7
Agnieszka Radziwinowiczówna (University of Warsaw)
"Mexicans and the US deportation regime"

Fall Term 2017

October 12
Philip McGowan (Queen's University, Belfast)
"‘Can I Pray?’ On John Berryman’s Last Collections"

October 26
Carrie J. Cole (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
"21st-Century US Theater: Performance and Practice"

November 9
Kacper Bartczak (University of Lodz)
"The Poetics of Plenitude and Self-Creation in the Poem"

November 23
Anna Horolets (University of Gdansk)
"Living an American Dream: Leisure of Polish Migrants in the US"

December 14
Anna Pochmara-Ryżko (University of Warsaw)
"From Slaves to the Bottle to Speakeasies and Champagne Baths"

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