Spring Term 2017

March 16
Bettina Hofmann (University of Wuppertal)
"Transgenerational Writing on the Second World War"

April 6
Ryszard Schnepf (former Polish Ambassador to the US)
"Trump's America"

April 20
Łukasz Kamieński (Jagiellonian University)
"Fighting Better Than Well? Stimulants in the US Military"

May 4
Anna Pochmara-Ryżko (University of Warsaw)
"From Slaves to the Bottle to Speakeasies and Champagne Baths: Alcohol and American Literature, 1865-1933"

May 25
Bonnie Costello (Boston University)
"Speaking of Us: Modern Poetry's Anxious 'We'"

June 1
Michael Kimmage (Catholic University of America)
"Partners of Last Resort: U.S.-Russian Relations since the End of the Cold War"

Fall Term 2016

October 20
Izabela Morska (University of Gdańsk)
Glorious Outlaws: On the Desirability of Debt in Life and Literature

November 3
Mary Ann Doane (UC Berkeley)
The Face in Early Cinema and the Discourse of the Universal Language

November 17
Magdalena Grabowska (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Beyond the 'Development' Paradigm: State Socialism, Transnationalism and the Second Wave Feminism in the US

December 8
Dagmara Drewniak (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)
Les Lieux de Mémoire and Postmemory: After/Images of Polish Towns in Canadian Literature

January 12
Cathy Covell Waegner (University of Siegen)
Cultural Palimpsests on the Ethnic Shore: Re-functionalizing Seaside Forts

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