The American Studies Colloquium Series presents new research in American Studies. It brings together both junior and senior scholars from different national contexts, and addresses topics ranging from cultural readings of poetry through environmental history to security studies.

The Colloquium Series is primarily geared toward American Studies scholars and students, but all talks are open to the interested public.

The Colloquium Series talks occur on selected Thursdays at 4 pm in room 317 at the American Studies Center unless noted otherwise.

Concept and organization: Karolina Krasuska, Tomasz Basiuk

Spring Term 2015

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March 12
Aneta Dybska (University of Warsaw)
American Urban Utopias

March 19
Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet (University of Lausanne)
From Iwo Jima to Iraq: Approaching Combat Death through Genre in the American War Narrative

Apil 9
Monika Płatek (University of Warsaw)
What is Good for us in the Bad American Criminal Policy

April 30 (cancelled)
Lindsay Thistle (University of Silesia/University of Trent)
Narrating the Nation: Issues of Culture and Identity in Canadian Television

May 7
Krzysztof Majer (University of Łódź)
Zolotaya fuga: Vladimir Nabokov's ‘Bachmann’ as Musicalized Fiction

May 25 (Monday!)
Hasia Diner (New York University)
The Lower East Side Memories: The Jewish Place in America

Fall Term 2014

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October 16
Barbara Ladd (Emory University / Charles University)
Beyond the Plantation: Writing at the Edge of the Swamp
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November 13
Aleksandra Różalska (University of Łodź)
Post-9/11 Television Discourses: Gender, Violence, and the War on Terror in American TV Series

November 27
Charles Bernstein (University of Pennsylvania)
The Pitch of Poetry: Moral Perfectionism, Occupy Wall Street, and the Poetics of Holocaust Representation
Charles Bernstein’s “Letter from Warsaw”
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December 4
Karolina Golimowska (Humboldt University / NYU)
Navigating the Post-9/11 Metropolis: Reclaiming and Remapping Urban Space in Contemporary US-American Novels
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December 18
William Pettigrew (University of Kent)
American and English Exceptionalism in the Development of American Slavery

January 15
Julia Fiedorczuk (University of Warsaw)
What Does Poetry Have to do with Ecology? An Introduction to Ecopoetics
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