2011 Spring Term

Dominika Ferens (University of Wrocław),
’How natives think’: The Legacy of Ethnography in Criticism and Minority Literature
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Alan L Draper (St. Lawrence University),
The American South: The Tail That Wags the Dog in American Politics
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James Der Derian (Brown University),
Human Terrain: War Becomes Academic, Film Screening and Discussion
(*Kino.Lab @ 7pm, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, ul. Jazdów 2)

Nina Gładziuk (Collegium Civitas),
The English Levellers and Thomas Jefferson
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Werner Sollors (Harvard University),
“Are you occupied territory?” Black GIs in Fiction of the American Occupation of Germany after World War II

Heinz Ickstadt (Free University of Berlin),
Imaginaries of American Modernism

Tomasz Sikora (Pedagogical University of Cracow),
Multiculturalism and the Work of Desire: Transversal Readings in Canadian Film and Literature

Cezary Olbromski (Catholic University of Lublin),
Civic Safety and Information Security: New Limitations of Democracy?

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