The American Studies Colloquium Series presents new research in American Studies. It brings together both junior and senior scholars from different national contexts, and addresses topics ranging from cultural readings of poetry through environmental history to security studies.

The Colloquium Series is geared primarily toward American Studies scholars and students, but all talks are open to the interested public.

The Colloquium Series talks occur on selected Thursdays at 4 pm in room 317 at the American Studies Center unless noted otherwise.

Concept and organization: Marta Usiekniewicz and Tomasz Basiuk


Spring Term 2019

28 February
Jaap Kooijman (University of Amsterdam)
"The Diva Project: Analyzing Stardom in American Pop Culture"

7 March
Mary Erdmans (Case Western Reserve University)
"Transnational Identities and Behaviors among Solidarity Refugees in the US"

14 March
Anna Mazurkiewicz (University of Gdańsk)
"Defining State-Private Network. American Freedom Committees During the Cold War"

Facebook event:

28 March
David Schmid (University at Buffalo)
"Crime Narratives in the Age of Trump: A Manifesto"

25 April
Piotr Gwiazda (University of Pittsburgh)
"Ghosts and Anchors: Translingualism in Contemporary US Poetry"

16 May
Patrycja Antoszek (Catholic University of Lublin)
"Haunted by Hill House: Shirley Jackson, Housewife Horrors and the Politics of Fame"

Fall Term 2018

8 November
Kacper Pobłocki (University of Warsaw)
"The Rise and Fall of Atlantic Capitalism"

22 November
Renata Hryciuk (University of Warsaw)
"Ethnography of New Culinary Elites: Gastronomic Heritage, Gender and Neoliberal Multiculturalism in Oaxaca (Southern Mexico)"

6 December
Marek Wojtaszek (University of Łódź)
"Sensory Interface and Algorithmic Desire in a Society of Anticipation"

13 December
Gerry Canavan (Marquette University)
"The Humanities after BLACKFISH"

17 January
Alison Sperling (ICI Berlin)
"Nuclear Afterlives: Toxicity and Nonhuman Embodiments in the Anthropocene"

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